A sophisticated island. Crystal clear waters.A pristine, exclusive location for Le Sereno Hotel, on the little gem that is Saint-Barthélemy Island (West Indies – Caribbean Sea).An hotel where experience a dynamic balance between nature, comfort, and refinement.

Suites and villas are airy and spacious, with a direct view to the sea.The hotel is an oasis of wellness and relaxation for which Intro supplied custom-made joinery and furniture,for both guestrooms and public areas such as the bar, the boutique, and the SPA.Intro also took care of the restoration of existing furniture and millwork:an attentive intervention, respectful of the island features where nature is dominant, especially wood.



Natural light has a crucial role, it’s harmonious, generous, and crystal clear. The light is everywhere, linking indoor and outdoor environments in a naturally flowing relationship.


The love for wood is tangible, making it the leading actor all around. It has been the centre of the enhancement path that took 28 Italian craftsmen, skilled masters of wood.


The design is essential, smart, real. All of the above, together with high comfort and relaxed atmosphere are the distinctive features of the great director who is Arch. Guillermo De Yavorsky of Atelier De Yavorsky (Miami – U.S.A.)


Tradition is respect of local history, craftsmanship, materials, and colours choice. And in this project, tradition has been understanding and taking possession of all the above features by listening to the island rhythm.