Il Sereno Hotel (Lake Como – Italy) is harmony and elegance, sophisticated designand natural shapes that charm the guest.Its features immerge, camouflage, blend the building into the steeplandscape of the lake shores, seamlessly.

This blending is granted by the use of local stones, cut on site, and installed with handcrafted techniques, piece by piece.The hotel façade is made of Ceppo Di Gré, same stone used inside guestrooms and on terraces, in coordination with Venetian-style flooring inspired by Scarpa design.Some joinery details are made of Verde Alpi, a rich and deep forest-green stone. The design objects from Gio Ponti, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini, Charlotte Perirand and Carlo Scarpa, are all duly, and skilfully selected by Patricia Urquiola.All furniture is custom-made, designed by Patricia Urquiola, and then engineered, manufactured, and installed by Intro.



The surrounding – the lake and the mountain – are a continuous inspiration for each technical and aesthetical choice.
A timeless location with transparencies and colours dictating a luxury and enveloping scheme: green, light blue, bronze, grey and copper.


Outdoor, the all-around orange scent and the garden trees feature the skilful job of the landscaper Flavio Pollano.
Indoor, wood is still the protagonist through custom-made sunscreens, walnut boiseries and the vibrant wooden staircase that dominates the public areas.

The Dolce vita

The Italian, post-war, classical glamour, the Modernism, the silk foulards, and the road trips on convertibles inspire the interiors.
Patricia Urquiola has designed and chosen every detail, from furniture to rugs, lightings, and bathtubs, from made-in-Italy productions.


The SPA is an extraordinary reconversion of the old boathouse.
An immersive experience that stimulates all senses, lulled by the sound of waves while bathing in warm waters.


Torno is a lovely, small village on the hillside of Lake Como.Just leaving the main street Provinciale 583 and taking the road down to the more rural alley Via Torrazza,you will find yourself on the lakefront, walking along an historic stone wall and then in front of Il Sereno gates.