Patagonia. Untamed, distant, and boundless.Its lands and histories have inspired the creation of Fueguia 1833 innovative fragrances.The brand was founded by brilliant and talented Julian Bedel, who has chosen the heart of Milano to open his new boutique atelier.It all started from a white box at Park Hyatt Hotel’s corner, where Intro - inspired by the alchemic atmosphere - has tailored a wild dress to this box, creating a strong impact through evocative materials and ancient crafting technique of woods and metals.

The boutique is an intimate, though very definite setting that stimulates your deepest senses and envelopes you with its scent, suffused lights, and dark colours.It’s a unique experience, the result of an integral design where every detailis custom made and developed to enhance what cannot be seen: fragrance.You enter the atelier and forget you are in Milano.


The environment that stimulates all senses.


The lighting choice is designed to create a smooth transition between light and shade. Suffused light for the store. Spot-on, warm lights for the display case to magnify fragrances’ nuances.


Metal was chosen after an accurate research for the right metal colour and finish: a specific alloy of copper and brass. All metal details – from lights to signboards – were moulded through different and refined craftsmanship techniques.

Shou sugi ban

All joinery and furniture are made of spruce coming from The Magnificent Mountain Community of Val di Fiemme (South Tyrol – Italy). The wood was worked using an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban (焼杉板), which preserve and enhance wood natural features through a step-by-step process: heat treatment until carbonization, baths, mechanical rubbing, and oil-rubbing it at the end. This technique is completely ecological; it enables to strengthen the wood, giving a rich warm colour to its surface, and sending out a distinctive and enveloping woody scent.


The boutique is a glimpse of Patagonia in the hearth of Milano, next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
A prestigious, highly visible corner shop that captures attention with its uniqueness and mysterious allure.